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No one trusts Priyanka Vadra’s claims anymore: Mamta Kale

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 14 Apr: BJP today targeted Priyanka Vadra’s public meetings held yesterday in Uttarakhand and accused her of lying on the banks of Mother Ganga. Addressing a Press Conference here today, BJP’s National Media Team member Mamta Painyuli Kale claimed that despite tall claims of Priyanka Gandhi and her famous slogan, “Ladki Hoon, Lad Sakti Hoon”, no one is going to trust her on this and in respect of various promises made by the Congress. Kale claimed that those who had previously promised an amount of Rs 72 thousand to each but never fulfilled it in the states governed by them have again come up with a hollow promise of Rs 1 lakh each to women every year. Kale described the Congress manifesto presented by Congress as a pack of lies. She claimed that Congress’s General Secretary Priyanka Vadra had no hesitation to blatantly lie on the sacred banks of Ganga and in the land of Gods.
Kale reminded that not a single woman was considered worthy of contesting the Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand. Not only this, the Congress party had recently committed the sin of thrashing and throwing Archana Gautam, the poster girl of the ‘Ladki Hoon Lad Sakti Hoon’ campaign, and her father out of the Delhi AICC office. Vadra chose to keep quiet on the issue. She also remained silent over the recent insult full of obscenity committed by senior leader of Congress Randeep Surjewala to BJP MP and Actor Hema Malini. She also reminded that the Congress spokesperson Supriya Srinetra made a derogatory post against Bollywood actor and BJP candidate from Mandi, Kangana Ranaut but again Vadra kept silent. She also remained silent even when her brother resolved to fight and eliminate Adishakti. Therefore, no one can have faith in the promise of women’s justice made by Congress Party and Priyanka Vadra anymore.
Speaking about the Congress Manifesto, Mamta Kale said that yesterday with folded hands, the Congress leaders were begging for a chance to rule the country once again and were promising an amount of Rs 1 lakh to every woman per annum. Reminding that Congress was in power for more than five decades in the country, she asked why such schemes to help women had not been brought then? Kale also sought to know why Congress has not given Rs 1 lakh to every woman in the three states, where it is ruling at present.
Kale said that the Congress also did not implement the Rs 72,000 that they had promised to every farmer in the 2019 elections in the states ruled by the Congress. Congress knows that it will not come to power and hence it can promise anything.
Mamata Kale also termed Priyanka Gandhi’s claim of spiritual attachment to a temple in the forest near Ramnagar as an attempt to create a false connection with the sentiments of Dev Bhoomi. She said that when Priyanka Gandhi had visited Kamakhya Devi temple in Assam, her photo had gone viral. Why did after so many alleged visits of Vadra to this temple in Ramnagar, not a single photo of her in the temple has ever been posted in all these years on any social media platform, asked KaleKale reminded that Vadra also claimed that she went to remote areas of the mountains to get acquainted with the problems of the people. She should avoid becoming an opportunistic Hindu like his brother Rahul and other Congress leaders.
Kale reminded that women are flying fighter planes and standing shoulder to shoulder in protecting the country’s borders at present because if there is Modi, then it becomes possible. It is because of Modi that the inflation rate is currently well under control at 5 percent and that unemployment has also reduced to 3.1 percent which is the lowest level till date. Today India has become the fifth largest economy in the world and is sure to reach the third position during the third term of Modi. Kale claimed that on one hand, the country is changing and moving forward under the leadership of Modi but on the other, Congress is continuously going backward and wants to take the country backward with its flimsy promises and illogical policies. She added that people of the state and the country are wise enough to see through the fakery of Congress and will ensure a huge defeat for the Congress in the Parliamentary elections.
State media in-charge Manveer Chauhan, National SC Morcha Member Swaraj Vidhan, co-media in-charge Rajendra Negi, state spokespersons Honey Pathak, Sunita Baudai and Kamlesh Raman were prominently present in the press conference.