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“No scope in journalism for seekers of comfort”


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 7 Mar: “To be successful in the field of journalism, it is necessary to have the courage to compete with anyone for the truth and be able to work 24×7 with passion.”

Deepika Bhatt, a 2014 batch student of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Graphic Era Hill University, said this during an online Alumni interaction programme of the department.
Working as a senior journalist in online news platform Inshort, Deepika has also worked with PTI. Sharing her journalistic experiences with the students of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Deepika said that the flow of news in the media never stops. Those who want to work in this field do not have the option of a holiday on Holi, Deepawali or other festivals. For those seeking comfort, there can be no scope to move forward in this profession. One has to get used to working without rest.
She added that, today, there is a demand for multitasking in this field, and people have to keep themselves updated with technological changes. Fact checking is a challenge in this fast world of news. In such a situation, it is also necessary for the journalist to be research oriented to develop an image for accurate and true news.
Deepika also answered questions asked by the students during session. Dr Subhash Gupta, Director, Infrastructure, and Professor at Graphic Era, Vikram Rautela, Head of Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Himani Binjola, Taha Siddiqui, Sandeep Bhatt, Aakriti Dhondiyal, Vipul Tiwari, Vidushi Negi and Rakesh Dhoundiyal were also present in the programme.