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Open your eyes & ears to the greatness of Indian Literature in Hindi  


VoW celebrates Hindi Literature with the best!   

By Our  Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 12 Nov: Authors Mamta Kalia, Buddhinath, and Editor Akhilesh got together for a riveting conversation on contemporary writing in Hindi at VoW 2022, here, today. These people being among the most celebrated in their fields had an engrossing discussion on Hindi literature in current times.

“How do you define ‘contemporary?” was the first question that was asked of Kalia. Her reply was, “For me, until one writes, one is contemporary.” She also said, “There are some people who live in the current times but neither their writing nor their thoughts are contemporary in nature.”

An interesting question was asked of Akhilesh, “Is it okay to take inspiration from the past and ancient texts and write something new in accordance with contemporary times?” He answered, “If people are trying to use the country’s past for political purposes, and trying to manipulate the people of the country, then it is certainly wrong. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with a little creative freedom.”

Further, talking about contemporary literature, Mamta Kalia talked about the lack of magazines and publishing houses in the country focusing on Hindi Literature. She said that technology might be changing some things for the good, but there are some significant disadvantages as well.

They also touched on the subject of exploration of Indian mythology by younger writers. Mamta Kalia pointed out, “You must have seen that young writers are trying to find as many storylines from Indian mythology as they can.” They further compared literature to politics, and also explored the effects of literature on politics. During this discussion, Buddhinath said, “From where I’m sitting, I can see fifty people, but those fifty people can only see the four on the stage. I am also telling the truth, and the fifty people are also telling the truth, but my truth is different from theirs.”

When asked about young writers, Mamta Kalia declared, “I am most intrigued to read young writers because I think their confidence is at the peak during their young years and they do not spend their time thinking about failure or success. They write practically, and they have the self-assurance of inspecting the truth and are not afraid of writing their minds.”

In conclusion, Kalia gave advice to all the young people present, “Literature is everywhere, from click to deletion, there is some literature present, it is upon oneself to find that literature and to pen it down with conviction.”