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Opposition groups oppose CAA, NPR, NRC



DEHRADUN, 21 Jan: A meeting was held today at the Hindi Bhavan, here, of opposition parties and other organisations to craft a strategy on heating up the protest against the CAA, NPR and NRC in the state. CPI leader Samar Bhandari and other speakers claimed on the occasion that the people, today, were afraid and disturbed. The government was violently crushing the protests by students and other citizens. Objections were also raised against the ‘assault on educational institutions by the saffron brigade’. The inertness of the police regarding such assaults was also a matter of concern. It was stated that ordinary people could educate themselves on the provisions of the NRC and NPR, which could place a question mark on just about anybody’s citizenship. These would prove a deadly weapon in the hands of corrupt officials and the ruling party. How would the common people prove their citizenship when usual documents like the Aadhar Card and Voter ID were not considered valid? It was alleged that the government was only misleading the people on these laws, which were anti- people. The people needed employment, health and education facilities, as well as the nation’s development.