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Opposition parties protest against Agriculture Bills


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 23 Sep: The one day monsoon session of the state assembly turned out to be quite stormy not only inside the House but outside, too. In the morning, Congress leaders led by PCC Chief Pritam Singh and Congress MLA Qazi Nizamuddin rode a tractor along with several other party leaders and tried to enter the Vidhan Sabha building on the tractor, itself. They were quite expectedly stopped by the security personnel. This led to a protest outside the gates of the Vidhan Sabha Complex. They sat on dharna and alleged that the Modi Government at the Centre and the BJP Government in the state were anti farmer. Qazi Nizamuddin alleged that had the Congress MLAs come to the Vidhan Sabha building in luxury cars, they would have easily been allowed entry but as they came on a farmer’s tractor, they were not being allowed entry.
Nizamuddin further alleged that the government at the Centre and in the state were anti-farmer, and this had been proven by the farm bills that were passed in parliament, which would lead to the rights of the farmers getting usurped by the market forces.
However, after some time, due to intervention of Deputy Speaker Raghunath Singh Chauhan, the Congress legislators were allowed to proceed towards the Vidhan Sabha Complex on the tractor.
The protesting Congress legislators ended their stir after the police allowed them to proceed towards the assembly building in the tractor.
The Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Uttarakhand leaders and workers also tried to gather at the barricade before the Assembly building to stage a protest against the “anti-farmer policies of the Central government and the growing unemployment issue in Uttarakhand”.