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Opposition to Ajay Tamta’s appointment as Union Minister unfortunate: Chauhan


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 10 Jun: BJP state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan said that the Uttarakhand BJP is thankful to the Centre for the state getting representation in the Union Council of Ministers, which would help the cause of Uttarakhand. He described the Congress’s reaction to the development and its opposition to Tamta’s appointment as unfortunate and ridiculous.

Chauhan also claimed that opposing Tamta’s appointment to the Union Council is an indication of the anti-Dalit thinking of the Congress Party.

He added that BJP has always kept the interests and development of Uttarakhand uppermost in its priorities and that the representation given to the state in the Union Government is evidence of this.

Chauhan said it is good for Uttarakhand that every BJP government at the Centre has taken care of the state and helped it a lot. Atal Bihari Vajpayee created the separate state of Uttarakhand and PM Modi is grooming it. As far as Congress is concerned, it had even snatched away the special package given by BJP to the state and then the Congress MPs occupying five Lok Sabha seats of the state remained silent spectators to this. Chauhan also termed the women empowerment of the Congress as a sham and said that the party which does not consider even a single woman from the state worthy of being an MP candidate and that it always neglects them in ticket distribution.

Chauhan said that it is the good fortune of Uttarakhand that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the guide of the state. Under the guidance of PM Modi and the leadership of CM Pushkar Singh Dhami, schemes worth more than Rs 2 lakh crore are being run in the state today. Chauhan reminded that Ajay Tamta is a senior leader of the party who has gained the trust of the people of Almora Lok Sabha for the third consecutive time. As a political and social worker, he is loved by all sections of the state not just the Dalits. Apart from being a public representative, he has a long experience of working in the central and state government, the benefit of which is sure to be received by the people of the state. PM Modi’s own affection towards Uttarakhand accelerates the pace of development of the state.  He alleged that Congress has become uncomfortable with the place given to SCs in Team Modi in the form of Tamta.