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Oscars to Indian Films – Hope in Creativity!


By Anil Raturi

The American Academy for Motion Pictures has awarded the song “Naatu Naatu” from the Indian film “RRR” an Oscar — the highest global award in the field!

The song in the film is four minutes of cinematic treat – a cocktail of electrifying dance, great music and choreography!

I feel very happy and proud about this great feat as well as about the other Oscar winning achievement of “The Elephant Whisperers”, another Indian film, in the short documentary category!

I had the opportunity to see and enjoy both the films on Netflix some time ago.

Human creativity is beautiful and remains the greatest aspect of our existence.

Despite much misery caused due to Socio-Economic inequities in India, the country’s “never die” spirit has sustained because of its innate creative genius! This has provided the society an emotional resilience for surviving the vicissitudes of time. Confronting the ennui of life through the magic of storytelling, song, music and dance!

Since time immemorial the ancient Indian Panchatantra stories have charmed the world and have been translated into most of the world languages. Ramayana, the ancient Indian epic has been enacted as “Ramlila” in India over centuries. It has influenced much of South and South-East Asia. Thailand, Kampuchea, Korea and Indonesia are all familiar with the legend of Ram!

Bollywood Cinema has not only charmed Indians but it has also enthralled Arabs, Russians, Afghans, Central Asians and the Africans! Many of these foreigners do not understand Hindi but still sing Bollywood songs with delight!

Some Indians have won Oscars in the past also.

However, this year’s two Oscars are special because, unlike before, both the films involved have been directed by Indians! They are a tribute to pure Indian creativity! Indian creativity and “jugaad” is legendary! Globalisation has entailed swift transfer of latest technology, which has refined the presentation skills of Indians, taking their products to levels of unprecedented excellence!

It is encouraging to observe that Indian Cinema has now transcended Mumbai and Bollywood. “RRR” is a Telegu production. “The Elephant Whisperers”, apart from being artistic, is also a tribute to the enormous diversity that India is. The Director of this film is Goan, the Producer a Delhiite, the main protagonists, Tamil, and the Cinematography is by an Uttarakhandi – Karan Thapliyal!

India now has the maximum number of youth in the world. It is said that it shall remain the youngest Nation till 2070. If this awesome youthful energy is gainfully channelised along with the infinite latent creative potential of the country through the avenues of latest technology, India could “wholly redeem its pledge” with destiny! Borrowing VS Naipaul’s words, the nation could well be on the path of coming out of “An Area of Darkness” through these creative “million mutinies”!


(Anil Raturi is a retired IPS Officer and served as DGP, Uttarakhand).