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Patanjali propagated the knowledge & science of sages world over: Acharya Balkrishna


By Our Staff Reporter
HARIDWAR, 4 Aug: Honored with the title of Vanaushadhi Pandit, Ayurveda Shiromani, Acharya Balkrishna’s birthday was celebrated in the form of ‘Jadi Buti Diwas’ at Yog Bhawan located at Patanjali Yogpeeth-2, Patanjali Wellness Center.

The program started with a Yagya and Vedic chanting. In the program, texts and books composed by the Acharya Balkrishna and newly researched medicines were dedicated. On this occasion, Swami Ramdev sent birthday greetings to Acharya Balkrishna over the phone from his stay in America.

Swami Ramdev said that, “We are doing both Sevadharma and Sakhadharma together. Acharya is rich in versatility. He has done remarkable work in the fields of Ayurveda, education, research, writing, social service, agriculture and information and technology, etc. His life is full of tenacity, sacrifice, effort, charity and  is inspirational for all of us. He is the condensed form of great sages like Maharishi Charak, Sushruta and Dhanvantri. We wish that Acharya should continue to glorify Sanatan Dharma, Ved Dharma, Rishidharma, Ayurveda Dharma and Seva Dharma by being long-lived, Chiranjeevi, successful and bright.”

On this occasion, Acharya Balkrishna expressed that this day should be beneficial for everyone. Every year on this day he presents his yearly report card. This year, as a return gift, his team introduced innovative quality wellness medicines. He also released new medicines for UTI, Renogrit, T.B., nasal spray, Livogrit and Immunogrit syrup for children, Chyawanprash jelly as well as new products for animals.

Along with this, 111 volumes of the ‘World Herbal Encyclopedia’ composed by Acharya were released. A team of hundreds of skilled scientists from Patanjali Research Institute  worked on this epic for years. ‘World Herbal Encyclopaedia’ has been his dream project which was launched on this special day. Along with this, ‘Flora of Rashtrapati Bhavan’, ‘Medicinal Plants of Rashtrapati Bhavan’, ‘Flora of Sijusa-Arunachal Pradesh’, ‘Man Ke Manke Part-2’ and ‘World Botanical Fund Part-6’ were also released. Acharya said that ‘Flora of Rashtrapati Bhavan’ has an illustrated description of 620 plants located inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan complex along with the herbarium. Apart from this, there is a description of 401 medicinal plants located in Rashtrapati Bhavan in ‘Medicinal Plants of Rashtrapati Bhavan’. Releasing the book ‘Evidence Based Ayurveda’, Acharya said that today hypocrisy, deception and show-off are going on in the name of Ayurveda. In the name of Ayurveda, some are giving crushed allopathic pills, while some are feeding heavy metals. He said that Patanjali has done the work of propagating the knowledge and science of sages all over the world. Along with this the books ‘Microbiology’ and ‘Statistical Methods A Guide’ were also released. In the evening session, a cultural program was organized by the students of the institute’s teaching units and specially invited artists.

On this occasion Yashdev Shastri, General Secretary of Patanjali Village Industries, said that birthday is just an excuse, and  the main inspiration of Jadi Buti Diwas, is showcasing Acharya’s love for nature. He said that this journey of Patanjali has reached the pinnacle of progress from zero. We should take this inspiration from the life of Acharya.

Voluntary blood donation camps, free eye check-ups and dental check-up camps were organized under the leadership of Dr. Anurag Varshney, Principal Scientist of Patanjali Research Institute. Acharya himself donated blood at the blood donation camp, inspired by which a total of 562 people donated blood. Along with this, a total of 415 people got their eyes checked in the free eye camp conducted in collaboration with Pradeep Nain. Free spectacles were also distributed to eye patients. A total of 545 people were examined for dental diseases in the dental check-up camp conducted in collaboration with Dr. Kuldeep. On this occasion, Acharya Balkrishan said that regular blood donation and physical check-ups provide health benefits.

Lakhs of medicinal plants like Tulsi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Aloe vera, Neem, Peepal, etc., were distributed free of cost by Patanjali. Along with this, 5,000 to 10,000 medicinal plants were distributed free of cost in almost every district of the country by various organizations and units in more than 5000 tehsils and more than 1 lakh villages of 600 districts of the country.

MD of Patanjali Foods Ltd., Rambharat; Executive Chairman of the Board of Education of India, NP Singh; Vice-Chancellor of Patanjali University, Prof. Mahaveer Aggarwal; Academician Sadhvi Acharya Devpriya; Vice President of Acharyakulam Ritambhara Shastri; Purchase Committee President Anshul; Head of Communication Department Parul; Chief Central Incharge of Bharat Swabhiman Rakesh ‘Bharat’; and Swami Parmarth Dev, Chief General Manager of Patanjali Yogpeeth; TC Malhotra, Babu Padmasen Arya, Mata Premlata, VV Patanjali’s Vice Chancellor Swami Arshadev; Head of Human Resources Department Tarun Rajput, along with all the officers, employees of Patanjali family, teachers and students of all educational institutions received blessings from Acharya Balkrishna. Mata Gulab Devi also blessed him and sent birthday wishes.