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PCC Chief claims Modi has insulted martyrs   



DEHRADUN, 20 Jun: State Congress President Pritam Singh has termed the statement given by the Prime Minister in yesterday’s all-party meeting  held in the face of tension on the India-China border, as an insult to martyrs who laid their lives in Galwan recently. Singh was obviously referring to the statement in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had claimed that Chinese Army had not entered into Indian territory nor was there any Chinese occupation of any Indian post!

In a statement, Pritam Singh termed this statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi a bundle of white lies and called it an insult to the martyrdom of 20 soldiers of the Indian Army who were martyred while protecting the borders.
Singh said that if there was no dispute on the border, then why was there a need to fight the Chinese and lay their lives. He also said that it was also known through the media that China had taken ten Indian soldiers hostage, who were released after several rounds of talks between military officials. He said that this statement of Prime Minister Modi was misleading the people of the country, breaking the morale of the army and insulting the martyrdom of the soldiers who died on the border.
The state Congress President said that there had been a situation of tension on the Indo-China border for a long time, but the Modi government at the center and its intelligence system completely failed to understand the moves of the neighbouring country, which cost the nation 20 precious lives.