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Pestle Weed School conducts Literary Fest, Inter House Debate, Declamation & Elocution Competition


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 25 May: WC Kashyap Memorial Auditorium of ‘The Pestle Weed School’ came alive with the resonating words of the enthusiastic participants of Inter House English and Hindi Debate, Declamation and Elocution Competition.

The Senior Class contestants locked horns for and against the most pervasive topic of the century which has come to invade our entire life -‘Social Media has improved Human Communication.’ The topics for English Declamation for Middle School Students were – Value of Time, Discipline, Health and Fitness. For Hindi Debate the topic was ‘Online Education is the only future’ and the Declamation topics were ‘Importance of sports and India of my dreams’.

More colour was added to the contest with the students of Primary Wing bringing in the vibrant charm of poetry recitation and storytelling.

The competition was conducted in the enigmatic presence of Dr Prem Kashyap, Chairman The Pestle Weed School and Sharad Kashyap, Director. The event was judged by Anita Vijayan, an academician with more than two and a half decades of experience behind her, Nayanika and Subham an associate professor.

The competition featured spirited debates and compelling declamations from participants representing all four houses, namely Subhash, Tagore, Nehru and Jhansi. The event highlighted the talents and dedication of our students who impressed the audience and judges alike with their articulate arguments and persuasive speeches. The four teams engaged in rigorous debates on diverse topics, demonstrating their ability to think and present well-reasoned arguments while the audience sat riveted enjoying the arguments and counter arguments.

The event was a resounding success, with students showcasing exceptional oratory skills, critical thinking and eloquence.

Nehru House emerged victorious in the debate competition, thanks to their cohesive teamwork and robust arguments.

In the Declamation Contest, individual participants delivered powerful speeches, captivating the audience with their rhetorical prowess and emotional appeal. Anushka Pandey of Nehru house got the first prize for English Declamation while Prinan Bhattarcharya from Jhansi House won the Hindi declamation contest with an inspiring speech on ‘Mere Sapno ka Bharat’.

The participants were evaluated on content, delivery, and overall impact and the judges commended the students for their preparation and poise.

Dr Prem Kashyap in his inspirational and educative speech said “The Inter House English Debate and Declamation Competition has once again highlighted the outstanding abilities of our students. Their performances were a testament to their hard work and relentless practice. Such participations today are the beginning to make effective communicators and leaders of tomorrow.”

He further added onto the student’s repertoire the wisdom of his vast experience by talking about effective communication skills and congratulated the students and the teachers who had mentored them.

The winning Nehru house, was awarded the coveted Inter House Debate and Declamation Trophy in both English as well as Hindi Competitions, while individual winners received trophies and certificates in recognition of their achievements.