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Phalguni Dasgupta’s Painting Exhibition at VoW Café from 22 May


By Dr Tania Saili Bakshi

Dehradun, 19 May: I see the world with my eyes and interpret it with my insight. Whatever has thrilled me, whatever I have treasured in life, I try to share it with my viewers. I am ruled by emotions, instinct and beliefs and if my work evokes the same in my viewers, I am more than gratified: Phalguni Dasgupta.
VoW Café-Gallery-Studio will honour itself with yet another painting exhibition by none other than world renowned Phalguni Dasgupta on 22 May.
Known as ‘The Wizard of Watercolour’, Phalguni Dasgupta’s artwork is inspired by Nature and his surroundings. This will be the talented artist’s first exhibition after a gap of six years. The artist will showcase close to a dozen artworks that will be on display for a month at the VoW Cafe.
Phalguni’s watercolour collection, titled ‘Colour of Civilization’, a journey through India’s cosmic life and unbounded nature, will bring alive vast mountains, oceans, flora, fauna and cosmic life – a constant focus in his collection.
Talking about his collection, Phalguni says, “The theme is my attempt to reach out to people across the boundaries of land and ocean, colour and civilisation.”
Phalguni Dasgupta was born in Bangladesh in 1934. He came to India after the partition and pursued a career in arts. His first exhibition was held in 1957. Since then, his numerous exhibitions all over the world have received many awards and accolades. His forte remains his technique of using salt on pigment to achieve startling effects.
The last exhibition by Phalguni Dasgupta was held in 2016 in Dehradun and he returns to the city after a gap of six years to display his latest art-work at VoW Café-Gallery-Studio, adjacent Usha Colony, Sahastradhara Road from 22 May onwards.
It is something you wouldn’t like to miss. Do mark your calendar!