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Physiotherapists have great role to play in ensuring better health for elderly: Gurmit Singh 

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 9 March: Governor Lt-General Gurmit Singh (Retd) on Saturday participated as the Chief Guest in the 61st annual convention of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) held at Himalayan Cultural Centre, Nimboowala. More than two thousand physiotherapists from across the country and delegates from eight countries are participating in this three-day conference. On this occasion, the Governor honoured  physiotherapists  for their commendable services and also released a souvenir of the convention on the occasion.
Among those who were honoured today includes Dr Ujjwal, Dr Tushal Palekar, Dr Santosh, Dr Shagun Agarwal, Dr Ganesh who were awarded with fellowship award while Dr Nehal Shah was honoured with CEC Award. At the same time, Late Dr Rajeev was honoured with Distinguished Award. His award was received by his wife Rashmi Chaturvedi). In addition, Dr Shreya Raju, Dr Rajkumar Meena, Dr Parul Agarwal also were honoured with Distinguished Award. Dr Sandeep D Saini was awarded with Indian Medico Award. Dr Reena Kumari, Dr Vaishali, Dr SK Tyagi, Dr Bharat were honoured with Memento  Award.
In the convention, the Governor congratulated the organisers for organising this event in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. He said that the field of medicine is a great medium of social service which is equivalent to “Nar Seva-Narayan Seva”. He said that all the physiotherapists present  here are fortunate to be serving the people by adopting this profession. The Governor said that in today’s fast-paced life when people are not concerned about their health, it is very important to make people aware and educated about the importance of right habits, proper postures and right kind of exercises. Physiotherapists have an important role in this field, he insisted.
Singh said that it is very important to link the profession of physiotherapy with new technologies and innovation. Only with new technologies will one be able to make efforts to further improve the quality. He said that there is a need to conduct authentic research  in the field of physiotherapy so that more and more people can join. He said that physiotherapists should recognise their self-worth.
He added that the role of physiotherapists in taking care of the elderly is very important.  As the country’s population ages, the demand for geriatric care and rehabilitation services will only increase further. The aging process brings with it many challenges, physiotherapists can solve these challenges very well.
The Governor said that today with rapid urbanisation, larger population and increasing health care needs, health challenges are also increasing.  But amidst these challenges also lie many opportunities to innovate and pave the way for a healthier and more prosperous future for all. He expressed confidence that physiotherapists will play an important role in building “Healthy India, Developed India” by converting these challenges into opportunities.
National President of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists, Dr Sanjeev Jha, General Secretary Ruchi Wasne, Dr Yagan Shukla, Dr Manish Arora, Dr Vasudha Verma and members of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists were present in the conference.