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Plans must conform to Govt Vision: Satpal Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 29 Apr: “While making plans, departmental officers must take cognisance of the vision letter of the BJP government and not work without permission. If any officer acts without permission, strict action will be taken against him.”
This was stated by State Public Works Minister Satpal Maharaj while presiding over a review meeting with officials of PWD in the auditorium of Vishwakarma Complex at the Uttarakhand Secretariat on Friday. He gave clear instructions to the officers that the vision letter of the BJP must be kept in mind while making plans. No officer should work without permission. Strict action would be taken against those who do so, he warned.
He directed that vacant posts of officers and employees in the Public Works Department should be filled immediately. He sought speedy compliance with decisions taken or instructions given at the review meeting. He asked them to accelerate the reconstruction of damaged roads and other assets.
The Public Works Minister said that the Phase-I and Phase-II process should be abolished in the approval of the roads, as it caused a lot of delay in the construction. “There are hundreds of roads in the state for which approval of Phase-2 has not been issued even years after Phase-I approval,” he declared. “Thus the money spent on Phase-I is wasted. One-time approval should be issued for the construction of roads.”
The Minister directed that, by 15 June, drains should be constructed on the sides of motorways and the potholes filled immediately after the rains. Asphaltisation of motor roads should be done with hot-mix and the presence of a technical officer should be ensured at the site to ensure quality.
He also wanted alternate routes to be kept in good repair. Along with widening the narrow roads, he also directed the officers to improve the dilapidated inspection buildings. Signage should be set up on travel routes at crucial places, he added.
Present at the meeting were Additional Secretary Suman Singh Valdia, Atar Singh, Joint Secretary Shyam Singh, Under Secretary Dinesh Kumar Punetha, Chief Engineer Pramod Kumar, Chief Engineer Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar Gautam, Navin Chandra Joshi, Jitendra Kumar Tripathi, Rachna Thapliyal, Ayaz Ahmed, KP Upreti, DK Yadav, CM Pandey, Anirudh Bhandari, Rajesh Kumar, Dhirendra Kumar, departmental officers Arun Kumar Goel and Manoj Bisht.