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Pointless Criticism


What sense does it make to deflate all the other tyres of a car if one of them is punctured? This is exactly what many in the opposition are suggesting during the Covid crisis. They believe that attending to one crisis requires that work should stop on all other plans, projects and schemes. If the lungs are affected, shut down the heart and liver, etc. Those who have a false sense of the importance of British colonial heritage, even identify with it, are seeking to use the ongoing pandemic as an excuse to shut down Delhi’s Central Vista project. Then, ten years later, after delimitation has increased the number of parliamentary seats, they will make accusations about ‘not having looked ahead’. They refuse to look at the existing evidence of the near collapse of the facilities in the already existing infrastructure. The truth is that they do not want a major landmark to come up in Delhi that would prove a permanent feature of BJP rule at the Centre. For the Congress, it is only their ‘royals’ after the British.

The same has been the populist attitude towards the IPL. In involves a lot of money so it has to be bad at a time when funds are needed for combating the corona virus. This overlooks the fact that potential earnings in one sector cannot be transferred to another. Even cricketers from certain countries have exhibited colonial condescension on the subject by telling the natives how they should go about their business. A similar mindset has emerged with regard to holding of the Olympics in Japan, which have already been postponed once. This is at a time when some countries are actually ‘opening up’ for those who have been vaccinated or have had the corona virus. The focus should be on ensuring every athlete, official and staff member attending the Olympics is vaccinated well in time. If the vaccinations cannot be relied upon, why are they being administered in the first place? This indicates a lack of courage for fear of being described as foolhardy.

The problem is that the advice being doled out daily by the likes of Rahul Gandhi is from persons who are actually doing nothing, have a very poor record in problem resolution, and have time on their hands. If they were proactive MPs like Tejasvi Surya has proven to be, there would be greater appreciation of the challenges being faced by the governments and the bureaucracy. As the saying goes, “Before you criticise a man, walk a mile in his shoes.”