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Police still empty handed in high profile robbery case



DEHRADUN, 24 Sep: Dehradun, once known to be a very calm and crime-free city, has in recent years seen rapid rise in serious crime. Even robbery and dacoity have become routine now. The Police do claim to catch culprits in a number of high profile cases, but there is no ebb in such incidents and legal experts feel that the reaction of the Uttarakhand as well as Doon Police remains knee jerk and aimed, probably, at avoiding getting blamed. The failure of intelligence is a grim reminder of the wrong priorities of the District Police. There have been cases, in which even policemen have been accused of robbing. One such incident that can be recalled happened on 4 April this year during the time of general elections, when certain police officials used the vehicles of senior police officers to rob a businessman of cash and that, too, in name of confiscating cash that they declared to be illegal! Days after the house of a leading public figure of Dehradun and owner of Abhimanyu Cricket Academy, RP Eashwaran, located at Malsi on Mussoorie Diversion Road, was robbed by armed robbers, the Police seem to be still groping in the dark. Though the Police in Uttarakhand claim to be “smart” Police, it remains a mystery if they have really made any effort to trace even the iPhone 7 robbed from Eashwaran’s house. It was Eashwaran’s daughter, Pallavi, who managed to trace the location of the phone and then share it with the Police, yesterday. Today, while speaking to media persons, SSP Arun Joshi claimed that the Police are close to discovering all the facts regarding the case and expressed confidence that, with various teams working on different aspects of the case, the investigations would soon be finalised. He further claimed that Police had got hold of some vital clues in the case and did not rule out a startling outcome. Meanwhile, sources in the Police claimed that there was a strong possibility of old enmity behind the robbery and of the culprits being old acquaintances. Although Police have nabbed some suspects in the case, sources admit that these suspects were likely to be freed soon since their role in the robbery could not be established. According to the Police, the victims were yet to inform the police about the estimated cash and value of looted items that were taken from the house, or provide a list. Sources claim that the car used in the robbery was seen moving several times between the Shiv Temple on Mussoorie Road and Rajpur Road on Sunday afternoon and evening, which was the day of the robber y, probably undertaking a recce. It remains to be seen if the Police have really got hold of some solid clues in the case and are close to concluding the investigation or is it just a claim and they are still groping in the dark.