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Pramukh expresses concern at burning of leaves 

Dehradun, 12 Apr: A meeting of the Executive Committee of the NGO, Pramukh, was held on 10 April at Rein Basera, where Pramukh provides sanitary services. It was attended by Chairman Brig KG Behl (Retd), Dr Arun Kumar, Nitin Shah (Treasurer), Florence Pandhi, Kusum Kumar and Paramjit Singh Kakkar, Secretary. Minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary PS Kakkar and approved.
Kakkkar informed the House about the latest developments in tapping CSR resources to set up composting sites to meet the local needs of particular areas, and other projects. He said that the project on working in ONGC area is still being processed.
Pramukh has readied the plans to launch a Green Waste composting scheme in the premises of Cheshire  home, Dehradun, but these have had to be postponed due to certain points raised which need clarifications. This project, apart from using the organic kitchen waste and leaves from Cheshire Home, shall cater to the leaves generated in the neighborhood residences also, rather than these being burnt and spoiling the environment around.
It was stated that Dehradun was facing air pollution threats due to burning of waste in a big way, hence promoting composting habits among its citizens would curb burning and at the same time generate essential conditioning organic manure to enrich the soil cutting down use of chemical fertilisers. Pramukh has set up such organic manure producing systems at various places, where organic manure is available.
Brig Behl proposed a visit to IIP where a plant has been developed and is functional to utilise plastics. He pointed out that leaves were being used to produce electricity in Singapore.
Pramukh considers Citizen Participation an essential element of the plans drawn up by the Nagar Nigam for the benefit of Dehradun. It holds workshops in various schools for the students to learn the process. Srijan School has approached Pramukh to hold a workshop and practical demonstration at its summer camp.