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PRAMUKH installs bays for converting leaves into compost at John Martyn School

Dehradun, 22 May: A team of PRAMUKH was invited by John Martyn School, Salagaon, for an interaction with children to educate them about the environment and what pollutes it, especially plastics. The team also briefed them on converting leaves into organic compost.
The school is set up in natural surroundings and gives free education to students of that area, especially from the lower income group. The team installed two bays where the students and parents were practically shown how to make a bay of 4’ x 8’ with wire mesh on six fixed poles. The students practically did the spreading of water mixed with enzyme and a layer of leaves, learning how thick it should be and how other layers could be put on till the bay is full.
They were also explained by Paramjit Singh Kakkar and Nitin Shah how these are required to be turned over after a few days and sufficient water to be sprayed. Paramjeet Singh had a long interaction with children explaining what waste material is and how it needed to be segregated and collected by the Municipal Authorities. He also asked students about plastics and how theses use could be avoided. He practically showed various items made out of plastic which were harmful for human beings.
Dr SS Negi and Beena Negi helped in the interaction. Promila Mahajan was also present.
Brig KG Behl (Retd) President, Pramukh, added that plastics left certain acids which in contact with citric foods converted into poisons if kept for a long period. Moreover, thin plastics were dangerous for animals as well as these could not be digested by them.
Principal Savitri Narayanan thanked the PRAMUKH team for its efforts.