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Pramukh to adopt new system in making manure


DEHRADUN, 20 Dec: A meeting was held by Pramukh on 19 December, at the Raen Basera behind the GPO, where it provides sanitary services to keep it clean.
The meeting was attended by Brig KG Behl (Retd), Chairman, Dr Arun Kumar, Nitin Shah, Kusum Kumar, Paramjit Singh Kakkar, Secretary Beena Negi, Dr SS Negi (ex-Director, IRDE) and Shalini Sabharwal, CA. Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved by the executive.
It was decided to introduce use of shredding machine at composting sites to accelerate the composting process and also make it practical to treat tough garden waste like palm and bamboo.
Pramukh will also explore the possibilities of installing decentralised composting plants in RWAs, colonies and institutions. Funds for such installations shall be raised by tapping CSR resources. Looking at the dismal situation of waste burning in the city of Doon and no check on use of single use plastic, Pramukh will also bring all like-minded NGOs of Dehradun on a platform to pressurise the Nagar Nigam on these issues affecting the life of one and all.