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Prateek Pathak’s book, ‘Accept, Allow, Release’, launched in Rishikesh



Dehradun, 21 Mar: Prateek Pathak’s book, ‘Accept, Allow, Release’, was released on the banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh. During the release of the book, VK Maheshwari, former Registrar General, High Court, Uttarakhand, Dr Jauhari Lal, former Director, ONGC, Jawahar Lal Bansal, Management Consultant on Financial Investment & Management, Agadh Medhi, Executive Director, OIL, senior managers from Steel Authority of India Ltd, NHPC, Coal India, OIL and others were among those present.

During the release of the book, Prateek mentioned the background of writing this book. The inspiration for writing the book came during the course of deliberation and interaction with the participants while conducting training programmes for NTPC, IOC, NHPC, STC, Power Grid, American Embassy, Maruti Suzuki and a number of other organisations during the last more than 15 years. It was felt that people require something in writing so that they can refer to it from time to time.

Prateek has also been healing patients suffering from mental trauma and emotional setbacks in life for which he underwent advanced training from world renowned Masters. Most people suffer from psychological disorders leading to depression, thus spoiling their mental peace which eventually leads to family disturbances and discord. This book basically is meant for bringing happiness and peace of mind leading to a positive attitude.

Though the subject matter of the book is rather serious and difficult, the presentation is in very simple and lucid language with illustrations. In order to make the issue clear and understandable, examples, quotations and stories have also been given. At the end of each chapter, salient points have been given to ‘Remember’. The book is both a text book and help book to deal with these significant psychological and emotional issues which are very vital to live and lead a happy contented life of ‘Forget & Forgive’ to have blissful living.

The Foreword of the book has been written by Prof (Dr) Afshar Alam of Jamia Hamdard University. He mentioned that the book touches upon ‘Yoga’ and Meditation for Self-Satisfaction and Self-Realisation. On the whole, the book is an exploration and churning of mental attitude and behaviour with a view to making life more fruitful and meaningful. This book is useful to persons of all ages since it is never too late to bring improvement in one’s life.

The book is available on ‘Amazon’ also.