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Premature baby saved at Mahant Hospital



Dehradun, 5 Mar: Doctors of the Department of Pediatrics at Mahant Indresh Hospital, here, achieved remarkable success by saving the life of an extremely premature born baby of gestation 26 weeks with a birth weight of 580 grams only.
Deepika, a 26 week pregnant mother, gave birth to this extremely premature newborn. Soon after the delivery, with the consultation of Dr Nitesh, the baby was admitted to the NICU.
The baby was managed as per the protocol and appropriate supportive care for respiratory distress provided. After 24 hours, tube feeds were started and gradually built up. After intensive treatment of around 1 and ½ months, the baby was started on oral feeds and was discharged at a weight of 1500 grams.
According to Dr Nitesh, this challenging case was managed with the advice of Head of Department Dr Utkarsh Sharma, Unit Head Dr Ragini Singh and unit consultant Dr Bharti Bhandari.
At the time of discharge, the parents appreciated the efforts of the treating team and nursing staff of the hospital. Young post graduate students pursuing doctor of medicine in pediatrics described it as a learning experience on managing such a premature baby successfully.