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Preparations begin for Doon’s Rang Himalaya Festival



DEHRADUN, 17 Sep: The preparations for Rang Himalaya 2019 are in full swing. Rang Himalaya, an ‘Intercultural Festival to Celebrate Diversity & Earth Fellowship’, with its foundation deeply rooted in the spirit of Bharat, was conceived and founded by Alok Ulfat, and co-founded by Satvika Goyal in Dehradun in 2012. This is the 7th year of the celebrations. The Rang Himalaya team has been holding talks, attending meetings and making practical arrangements for the festival. Many workshops have already begun. Founder Alok Ulfat continuously shares ideas and dreams to inspire children, youth and elders around the world to build this unique festival. The activities include Dance for Diversity, Drama for Diversity, Design for Diversity, Pictures in motion (Films) for Diversity, Dine for Diversity, Discourse for Diversity, Drums for Diversity, Draw for Diversity, Devote (Prayers) for Diversity, and Dreams for Diversity. This year, Avikal ‘Initiative for Life & Active Learning, Nanhi Dunya, ‘an international (intercultural) movement for children & their friends’, and Manava Bharati India International School, Nehru Colony, Dehradun, have joined energies to create the festival. Co-founder Satvika Goyal and her team have been connecting with various organisations, educational centres, centres for further learning, centres for special needs, business houses and individuals to engage them in the festival. Alok Ulfat dreams of a cultural renaissance, seeds of which have been passed on through generations of Bharat for many centuries. He has been requesting children and youth in India and abroad to seek, and not follow; and respect diversity. The Rang Himalaya festival of Dehradun will begin on 26 September and culminate on 6 October. The festival is open to all. There are no age limits and anyone interested to know more about the festival may connect with the team through their Facebook page or may call 9557280116