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Preparations on to open temples for worship



MUSSOORIE, 7 Jun: Preparations have begun here to reopen temples, mosques, gurudwaras and churches here on 8 June. Religious sites are to be opened as per the official guidelines. The work of cleaning and sanitising all religious places is being done. Only devotees will be allowed to come for worship and care will be taken of social distancing on priority basis.
Manzoor Khan of Kulri Masjid Committee said that the place for washing hands and feet in the mosque will be completely secured during the Namaz. Social distancing will be enforced during namaz. All namazis will offer namaz with masks on.
The chief priest of Mussoorie Radha Krishna Temple, Pahuram Bhatt, said that the temple would be opened for devotees but the touching the bells and Idols would be completely banne. Dance and bhajans are strictly banned in groups, but recorded tunes and aartis will be played. Apart from this, devotees will have to take off their shoes and slippers near their own vehicles. Devotees in the temple will have to follow social distancing. No devotees would be allowed to enter the temple without masks. Similarly, special preparations have been made in the gurudwaras and churches.