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Prepare students for jobs of the future: Deepak Chhabra


DEHRADUN, 1 Mar: Vice-President of JP Morgan Deepak Chhabra said, today, that the need of the hour is to prepare students for jobs of the future, which do not even exist today.
Addressing a seminar organised by the Graphic Era Hill University, here, Chhabra said that due to increasing technological advancement and artificial intelligence, nearly 47 percent of the present day jobs would disappear in the coming 10 to 15 years. Therefore, educational institutes ought to start preparing their students to become industry ready to meet the demands of the industrial world.
Speaking as the main speaker at the seminar organised by the Personality Development and Training Department of the university, Chhabra declared that jobs in travel, health care, defence, tourism, hotel management and banking sectors would disappear soon. Google, in collaboration with Waymo, had started building driver-less cars. Mobile apps and robots were being used in health care for treatment of patients. Google was also working in the area of building pilot-less fighter planes and drones. Even in the sectors of banking, tourism, agriculture and auditing, with the help of artificial intelligence, software had been created that needed minimum human interference.
For better chances of recruitment in the future, students needed to be trained in fields like big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data science, data visualisation and the internet of things. The reason for success of a company was updating itself on time. One had to learn new technologies in order to stay in the industry.
The programme was anchored by Head, PDP Department, PA Anand. All HODs and students were present at the seminar.