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Pressing the Right Buttons…

By Pooja Marwah 

One evening, out of the blue, my adorable 8-year-old daughter climbed onto my lap. She set aside the book I was reading and gazed into my eyes with a sparkle in her own.
“Mommy, I know what I want to be when I grow up.”
My husband raised an eyebrow and leaned in, intrigued, phone in hand.
I smiled and spoke softly, “Tell me, sweetheart.”
“I want to be the latest smartphone in the world, so I will be the first thing you and Daddy see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you sleep. I want to keep you busy all day, so you never have to say ‘come back later.'”

My husband glanced at me, lowering his phone. The innocence in our daughter’s words hit home. How often do we, as adults, get caught up in work and responsibilities, forgetting that we are the bridge between generations? We have young ones looking up to us and older ones looking down.

“Slow down, Mommy and Daddy, my childhood won’t last,” she said cheerfully, then hopped off my lap, clutching her favourite doll.
“What was that all about?” my husband casually asked, returning his attention to his phone.

Lost for words, my mind swirled with thoughts. Yes, staying connected and having dreams to pursue are important, but at what cost?
We come across countless articles every day about this very topic, yet they tend to slip into our subconscious and out of our minds. Everyone is busy, but there’s a fine line between being occupied and being consumed. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s crucial that we slow down and disconnect from our cellphones when we engage in conversations. Technology is meant to enhance our lives, not become our entire existence.

With such ease, we often take our most precious asset for granted—our family. All children want is our time, yet many of us opt for expensive, tech-driven toys. In doing so, we equate time with materialistic pleasures. It’s almost like inventing a new mathematical formula, isn’t it?

Nothing compares to splashing in a puddle or dancing in the rain. Nothing beats getting messy in the kitchen while baking cupcakes. Can you recall the last time you scraped the bowl clean with your finger and savoured every bit?
And without a doubt, the most therapeutic stress-reliever is the million-dollar smile and tight embrace you receive at the end of the day from those little limbs that you willingly brought into this world.

I have a simple stress-busting remedy:
Ingredients: 2 pillows, music, tickles… hmm… perhaps a few pinches here and there!
Mix them all together and play!
Guaranteed instant laughter!

Yet, it’s disheartening to see how fidget spinners and virtual reality apps have taken precedence over what was once considered quality family time.

Tsk Tsk! Old-fashioned family time.
(Pooja Poddar Marwah is an award winning author and Blogger. She writes an contemporary living and offers incisive reflections on the world around us. Her blog, Random Conversations is a go to guide to deal with the myraid stuggles we face each day.)