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Prof BK Kaushik delivers lecture at Quantum University



DEHRADUN, 26 Sep: Prof BK Kaushik, a prominent faculty member of IIT Roorkee, visited Quantum University and delivered an interactive guest lecture on working of electronic devices manufactured at the micro and nano levels, in which he shared his expertise of the subject and rich practical experience with the Q-mates. Students of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering attended the lecture and gained a wealth of knowledge from it. Prof Kaushik began by explaining the opportunities lying in the field of Electrical Engineering and how to approach the vast curriculum and gain the maximum value from it. He also paid due emphasis on research activities and asked students to explore the domain and contribute their bit to the engineering world. Afterwards, Prof Kaushik delivered an informative presentation on the working and application of electronic devices manufactured at micro and nano levels. He also explained applications of sub- 10nm devices in modern PDAs like mobile phones. In addition to this, he showed a large number of informative slides, which were based upon the latest VLSI technology and the variants of FETs. Furthermore, he elaborated the utilities of Quantum Computing and asked students to go through the related technical literature. He concluded his lecture with a brief presentation on the formation of SPIE Chapter, a student-centric activity. At the end, the house was opened to questions and Q- mates raised several queries, which were answered by Prof Kaushik. The lecture concluded with a Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr Gulshan Chauhan, Dean of Quantum School of Technology.