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Prof Ravi Kant concerned over rising R-Value



RISHIKESH, 9 Aug: The Director of AIIMS Rishikesh, Professor Ravi Kant, has expressed serious concern at the rising R-Value due to the negligence of citizens. He warned that, if people did not fully follow the Covid guidelines issued by the government, then the country would not be free of the corona virus. Professor Ravikant has said that for complete control of Covid, it is necessary that along with getting vaccinated, everyone should follow the rules. Professor Ravi Kant warned that, if the attitude of the people remained as at the present, then the third wave would not take long to arrive. He suggested that to prevent the coming wave, everybody follows the rules of prevention. These include using masks properly, maintaining social distance, keeping hands clean and getting vaccinated. All should avoid participating in public programme and also advise other people not to do so. He said that, according to a study by the University of Michigan, the R-Value has gone above 1 in 8 states of India. These include Mizoram (1.56), Meghalaya (1.27), Sikkim (1.26), Manipur (1.08), Kerala (1.2), Delhi (1.01), Uttarakhand (1.17) and Himachal Pradesh. The matter of concern is that Uttarakhand is also included in the above states. R-Value shows how many people a corona infected person is spreading corona to and also how fast the corona virus is spreading. According to experts, this number should be less than one to control the spread. Professor Ravikant has suggested two measures to reduce the R-Value. The first is to vaccinate so that antibodies develop in the body. Secondly, every person of the country should follow the Covid guide line a hundred percent. According to him, the main reasons for the increase in RValue in Uttarakhand are: a large number of tourists come to Uttarakhand from all over the country and abroad. Most of these people do not adopt the standards and measures to prevent corona during their activities. Apart from this, after the end of the lockdown, the movement of public in the state had increased significantly.