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Properly directed education will benefit students: Dr Mahesh Sharma


By Our Staff Reporter
Roorkee, 2 Jan: Dr Mahesh Sharma, Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi Central University, said today that, in view of the changing nature of education and the Indian education system today, serious discussion is required if some basic questions are to be tackled! If education is properly directed, then the youth can become independent not only socially but also ideologically and become the future leaders of the country.
Dr Sharma was speaking as the Chief Guest today in the auditorium of the University of Engineering and Technology, here. The occasion was an academic discussion and teacher award ceremony.
In the era of the global pandemic, a teacher seminar on the changing scenario and challenges of education in the global environment was organised.
Mahamandaleshwar Yatindranand Giri said that the city of Roorkee has been famous as the city of education for long. IIT Roorkee being a world-renowned educational institution, children from all over the country come here to study. He also threw light on the changing nature of education during the time of the global pandemic and said that, today, the world is passing through a bad phase due to which there is a possibility great loss to the coming generation, but the hard work and sensitivity of teachers have helped. Even in these bad times, by working with full devotion and dedication, they have proven to be the best by discharging their responsibilities well.
Garhwal Post Editor Satish Sharma said that, along with the teachers, the parents and society are equally responsible in the promotion of education. They need to be sensitive towards the children’s requirements.
Block Education Officer Shrikant Purohit said that the teachers discharged all their responsibilities with full dedication and hard work, due to which the education of the children was not too adversely affected during the Covid period. Mayor Gaurav Goyal spoke about the changing nature of education during the global pandemic.
During the Covid epidemic, teachers were deployed for many duties at many places, which they discharged with great sincerity. Teachers from 22 states of the country were felicitated at the programme. Program coordinator Sanjay Vats said that due to the presence of teachers from different states of the country there was an exchange of ideas, which transmitted new energy within the community. This would benefit the students everywhere. Raviraj Saini was the co-convener. Dr Ravindra Saini, Dr VK Singh, Rajiv Kumar Sharma, Alok Sharma, Dr Ranveer Singh, Nitin Sharma, Sushil Kumar, Rahul Saini, Anubhav Gupta, Nazim, Inam, Deepak Kumar, Suman, Deepa Kaushik, Nishu Vats, Manoj Lakda, etc., were among the teachers present.