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Protest held in Mussoorie against move to remove names from municipal voters’ list


By Sunil Sonkar

Mussoorie, 15 May: The presence of as many as 1856 names has been challenged by a complainant, Yash Gupta, in the Mussoorie Municipality voters’ list. Following the instructions of the High Court, a hearing is being held in this regard by the SDM, Mussoorie, which will continue till 20 May. Before the hearing, hundreds of people from Mussoorie and surrounding areas gathered in the municipal premises and strongly protested against the action being taken to remove their names from the voters’ list. On this occasion, they raised slogans against the complainant Yash Gupta.

On this occasion, people created a ruckus in the Municipality, at which the SDM intervened and the police force evicted those protesting from the board room of the Municipality.

Former Chairman of Mussoorie Municipality Manmohan Singh Mall, Congress leader Megh Singh Kandari and social activist Govind Nautiyal said that an atmosphere of anarchy is prevailing in Mussoorie. Some people are targeting a community for their political gains. Such people would not be tolerated at all. If the names are removed from the voters’ list, then they would strongly protest against it in Yamuna, Agland and Kolti areas. They would blockade the Kempty Falls and Dhanaulti tourist sites in protest, for which the entire responsibility would that of the government and administration. He said that they would also approach the High Court.

SDM Dr Deepak Saini said that the voters’ list of Mussoorie Municipality was published in December and 1856 voters’ names have been challenged in the High Court by the complainant. All these voters need to present their side and evidence. Those who have submitted proof will not be removed from the voters’ list. Similarly, those whose names are registered in the lists of any other civic body or Panchayat area can get their names removed from that voter list within 10 days. He said that the process will continue from 15 to 29 May.

Present at the protest were Geeta Kumai, Ashish Joshi, Darshan Rawal, Ashish Kothari, Virendra Panwar, Rajpal Panwar, Sarita Panwar, Kuldeep Rawat, Naresh Malla, Amit Gupta, Ranveer Kandari, Gud Mohan Rana, Suresh Rawat, Dinesh Badoni, Jaipal Gusai, Bharat Singh Chauhan, KD Chauhan, Naveen Shah, etc.