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Psychological aspects of treatment are important


The book “It’s all in your mind” presented to Sanjeev Chopra, President of Valley of Words

By Dr S Farooq

“IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND”; Author: Maham Kazmi; Publisher: New Degree Press.

This book has been written by an established author, Maham Kazmi, a medical student majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental biology at University of California, USA. She was born on 13 August 2002 to NRI parents, Sufiyan and Subia Kazmi of Indian origin. Now the family holds American passports.

Everything in our mind reflects the status and condition of our moods and feelings. The keen observations made by the author, a young medical student, are based on personal trauma she suffered in childhood when she met with an accident and lost one of her toes. She still remembers how care in the hospitals in the USA is the best. She has narrated some case studies of patients suffering from cancer and how, due to psychological well-being, they recovered soon.
This book is in 3 parts and 15 chapters. Maham Kazmi’s book deals with psychological well being related with physical and mental health. The information and suggestions about illness, diagnosis and treatments require psychological analysis, which helps to understand the complexity of the diseases and their treatment.
Moreover, the main focus of this book is to balance the state of mind after treating the diseases. The highlight of this well written book covers all the aspects related to illness whether it be patients, relatives, caretakers, doctors and others. It will certainly help in patient care specially their mental health which is the most important aspect to treat a patient in pre and post treatment care.
Overall, the book is very useful for physicians as well as the patients to know the aspects of recovery if the patient is mentally prepared.
I congratulate the writer’s wisdom. I feel it is must read book which will help in health care through the emotional aspect.