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Psychological warfare key to fighting Covid crisis: Dr Kuldeep Datta


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 18 May: In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus crisis in the country, Dr Kuldeep Datta, renowned Heart Specialist of Doon, has appealed to the people to stay at home and follow all relevant covid protocols like use of mask, sanitiser and social distancing. He specifically emphasises that people shouldn’t resort to self-medication and should always do a tele–consultation with their doctor.

Social media platforms these days are flooded with all kinds of information and views regarding coronavirus and its treatment. Dr Datta cautioned people that a lot of it could be misinformation or disinformation circulating as ‘news’. He advised people to steer clear of this barrage of pseudo news. Dr Datta emphasised that people should not panic under any circumstance and seek the advice of their family doctor.

As suspicions about China’s role in the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic are get stronger with each passing day, experts are at last acknowledging the possibility of coronavirus being a biological agent. Experts say that, if Covid-19 is indeed a biological agent, it becomes even more important to stay mentally strong as a nation.

“If it’s a biological agent, then it is hybrid warfare. And in hybrid warfare, psychological warfare is a very important component. And at the moment, the whole country is frightened, scared so it is all the more reason that the morale of the country does not go down. So our Prime Minister, our Home Minister should be seen more frequently on the TV channels and seen to be in command. Perception matters. The morale of the country has to be built up,” advises Dr Datta.

He emphasises that the central government should take a lead role in combating the crisis. He says that India is in fact the only country in the world that is capable of making massive additions to its medical infrastructure within such a short period of time.

Dr Kuldeep Datta warns that inducting medical students to treat covid patients is not a way to address the shortage of doctors. He says they are ill equipped to deal with any patient. They will be more of hindrance than an asset in the management of covid patients. The properly trained people should be got into the taskforce for management of this humongous crisis which the country faces,” he says.