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PUBG sets alarm bells ringing for parents: RS Negi



DEHRADUN, 22 Jan: Addiction to video and mobile games like Frontline, Hitman and PUBG is increasing by the day amongst school going children. Educationist and Academic Counselor Ravi Singh Negi says it is not practically possible to keep children away from mobile phones these days, but it is the responsibility of parents to prevent addiction. Playing mobile games for a limited time is not harmful but when it starts eating away the time and concentration of the children from other activities, they start withdrawing from social and family activities, avoid studies – the performance goes down. They also exhibit signs of irritation and other health issues arising out of physical inactiveness. These are alarm bells for parents. Parents should closely supervise and monitor the child, he adds. Do not punish or scold children but give them time and increase communication. Try to fix a schedule for them to channelise their energy in some physical and constructive activities like outdoor games, or outings, or some hobby. Do not leave them alone for too long. Do not take away the phone completely, but make sure they use it in the presence of family members. Do not expect overnight results, things will improve slowly. However, if the things are out of your control, immediately take the child to some qualified counselor for proper treatment.