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The killings of civilians and children by terrorists in J&K’s Rajouri expose, once again, the nature of the threat faced by the Union Territory. The ideology behind these attacks is genocidal in nature and should receive zero support in civilised society. In fact, by failing to unequivocally condemn such persons, J&K’s political leaders compromise whatever cause they may claim to uphold. In fact, going by their reactions, they even seek to validate the murders by blaming the policies and politics of the Union Government. They have played the double-game for so long, they don’t even realise what they are doing.

In the larger perspective, such attacks indicate the utter desperation of Pakistan and the terrorists it sponsors. Considering the rate at which terrorists are being eliminated by the security forces, the persons, be they locals or Pakistanis, being sent over for these attacks are clearly little more than sacrificial goats deceived into believing they would be rewarded in the afterworld. Were they true warriors fighting a just war they would not sully their hands with the blood of innocents.

Such incidents should awaken the conscience of the people of J&K, particularly their so-called leaders. It should not be left to the government and the security forces alone to counter this threat. They hold their future and that of the generations to come in their hands. It should be made clear that they do not condone such acts and are not prepared to gain from the desired results. Instead, they should join the ongoing nationwide effort to create a developed, prosperous and peaceful India. Any other choice will only take them into a living hell.

For its part, the Indian Establishment should continue to take the battle into the adversary’s territory. Pakistan should continue to be exposed for its deeds before the world and made to pay for its crimes. Sanctions need to be imposed upon it by the global community for its support to terrorism. Those nations that continue to stand by Pakistan despite this should also be identified and isolated. It’s a global war and it should be realised that India is not the only country on its frontline.