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“Pursuing one’s passion demands a lot of sacrifices”


By Arpita Banerjee
Yagya Bhasin, a 12-year-old child actor, is all set for the release of his upcoming movie, ‘Bal Naren’, in March this year. The actor is playing the lead role in this Pawan Nagpal directed film. The star cast also includes Bidita Bag, Rajniesh Duggall, Govind Namdev, and Vindu Dara Singh in the main roles. We spoke to Yagya in this context and here is what he said:

Tell us something about your movie ‘Bal Naren’ and the character you are playing in it?
Bal Naren is a film that is solely inspired by the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and propagates the importance of cleanliness in our lives. It showcases Naren’s mission to keep his village clean. Despite several hurdles, the boy figures out a solution and succeeds in making people understand the importance of cleanliness.

At such a young age, what motivated you to be a part of this film that conveys a social message regarding cleanliness?
I support this cause and believe that unclean surroundings could lead to a lot of problems. I try to do my bit always by keeping my surroundings clean. So, basically, I saw a reflection of myself in the character.
My mother recovered from dengue in the past. So, I would request people to maintain cleanliness. Considering the ongoing pandemic, cleanliness and following hygienic practices become important tools to fight the virus.

What resemblance do you see between Naren’s character and you at the personal level?
Naren and I both can’t stand lack of cleanliness. Apart from that, Naren is stubborn like me.

The film’s plot shows Naren’s father as an important part in shaping his journey ahead. How has your family played a role in shaping your journey as an actor?
My parents are my support system. Initially, both of them left their jobs to move to Mumbai so that I could become an actor. My father left his job as a section officer in the High Court of Uttarakhand in Nainital and my mother gave up on her beauty salon. They shifted from their native place to an entirely new city for me.

The film was shot during the pandemic period. What was your experience of shooting a film amid the pandemic like?
The film was shot in Uttar Pradesh. The film crew was very aware of the ongoing Covid scenario. They made sure that everyone on set was following Covid protocols sincerely. The actors were given sanitisers and no one apart from the crew was allowed to enter the shooting location.

Being a child actor how do you manage your studies?
My teachers at St Agnes School in Mumbai are very supportive. They provide me with all the help that I require from time to time. The rest I make sure to study when I am back home and my father helps me with my studies.

What advice would you give to children of your age so that they too can excel in the field of their choice just like you?
First of all, if you want to pursue your passion, be ready to make sacrifices. It requires a lot of sacrifices in doing something you truly love. Along with that, you really need to work hard. No shortcuts can substitute the hard work required to be done. Be focused.