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Pushkar Dhami is flower & fire at the same time: Rajnath Singh


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 8 Feb: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today addressed a rally in Gangolihat and some other constituencies in Kumaon. During his speech, he was full of praise for Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. Referring to a currently popular film, ‘Pushpa’, made in South India, he repeated a famous dialogue from the film. He said that, unlike in the film, Dhami was the flower (Pushkar) as well as fire at the same time. Singh said that Dhami was a soft spoken and compassionate person. He had humility but, at the same time, he was strict with the wrongdoers. The Pushkar of Uttarakhand would never bow down, nor would ever stop.
Singh said he would like to say with due respect to the Congress that neither does the party have any policy, nor any intention to take up development in earnest. The Congress party does not have any faith in development, the Defence Minister claimed. Congress had always looted the country and the state. Singh claimed that BJP would not let Uttarakhand remain bogged down anymore.
Rajnath Singh added that the position of the Congress in Uttarakhand was that it was not in a position to declare the Chief Ministerial face and, hence, the party had not declared anyone to be so. There was lot of fire and fighting inside the party, he alleged.