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‘Pyaar – Swaad Anusaar’ staged at Avikal Studio



Dehradun, 13 May: ‘Pyaar – Swaad Anusaar’ (Love according to one’s taste), written and directed by Abhinav Goyal, founder of Aaina Group, was staged today at Avikal Studios, Inder Road, here. The next performance is at the same venue on 15 May at 6:30 p.m.

‘Pyaar – Swaad Anusaar’ is a delightful blend of comedy and introspection, punctuated by lively songs and dances. Through the joyful, light hearted yet thought-provoking story, it encourages audiences to consider the complexities of social and familial bonds in many different ways. In this play, we delve into the lives of a vibrant trio: Boss, a skilled cook running a food van; Cherry, his loving daughter; and Binod, the bubbly boy who completes the family dynamic.

Everything is going smoothly, when suddenly harmonious relationships are seriously disrupted.  The Boss discovers a budding romance between Cherry and Binod, leading to simmering tensions within the trio. As tensions escalate, each member grapples with their version of truth and individual morality, ultimately questioning the boundaries of love and loyalty. There is chaos, arguments and emotional out bursts. The family realises the importance of empathy and power of understanding and the question remains whether their story will culminate in tragedy or there is hope.

This play, like a Family Recipe, serves up a delightful blend of comedy and introspection, punctuated by lively songs and dances. Through its light-hearted yet thought-provoking narrative, the story encourages audiences to consider the complexities of familial bonds and the power of understanding.

The 75-minute play is enacted by talented actors Prerana Bhalla, Anamika Raj, Suraj Negi and Aadeep Sharma, music is given by Kartikye Gupta and choreography by Surajit Das.

Aaina Group is a team of dedicated aspiring artists, actively involved in performing arts and education over the last 20 years. Aaina has conducted various workshops in schools, colleges and the public sector and has produced many plays like Merchant of Venice, Macbeth, Tattav, Andha Yug, etc.

Avikal Studio intimate theatre house has staged three plays in the last two months and on 14 May it will present Andha Yug by Eklavya theatre group at Nanhi Dunya Rangshala which is opposite Avikal Studio. The next performance of ‘Pyaar – Swaad Anusaar’ will be on the 15 May. To book your places, call 98214 17495.