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Quantum University holds awareness programme on single-use plastic at Badkala village



ROORKEE, 14 Oct: The students of BSc Agriculture Department of Quantum University, Roorkee, organised an awareness programme on ‘Single-Use Plastic’ at Badakala village, Saharanpur. This campaign aimed at increasing the understanding of plastic pollution problems among the villagers so that more people take action to stop plastic pollution and live plastic-free. Under the supervision of Dr Latha and Pooja, students of Quantum University actively participated in this campaign. This effort of the university is in line with the actions of Indian Government to eliminate all single-use plastics in the country by 2022. Faculty members of the university explained various scientific facts to the villagers and made them aware of the fact that single-use plastic plays havoc and threatens the environment. The ill-effects of single-use plastic on the environment and people’s lives were explained to them. Furthermore, faculty members explained various solutions to resolve this global problem, including recycling, new technologies, changes in individual attitudes and habits and paradigmatic changes on a global scale. Students conducted various rallies while holding posters and placards in their hands to help villagers understand how important it is to try and cut down on the amount of plastic trash. Villagers were taught several ways by which they could contribute their bit to avoiding the harmful effects of plastic and start being the solution to the problem. Students of Pahal, the social club, also participated in this programme. Through various fun-filled activities, students told villagers that a significant majority of environmental waste is plastic and it is the need of the hour to take some immediate steps to substantially reduce it. To bring behavioural change, villagers pledged to use the least amount of plastic. Students of Quantum School of Agricultural Studies provided villagers with hand-outs to take home, which could be shared with their families and they could start making an immediate difference at home.