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Quantum University Organizes ‘How to write a Research Paper’ Program



ROORKEE, 20 Jul: Quantum University, from time to time, organizes different types of programs, in order to contribute to the education scenario. In that regards, a program was organized on Saturday, 20th July , to encourage the faculty members to write and publish Research Papers. The main spokesperson of this program, Dr. Lokender Tyagi, Director of Quantum School of Business, explained to the faculty members, the Importance of writing and publishing a research paper. He told that it is a competitive era, and if we increase and upgrade our educational qualification, we will be able to become more successful in the future. He said every faculty member should write a Research paper, by doing so not only the knowledge and confidence level increases, but also new doors of success open up. Dr. Lokender also explained how to choose the title as well as the content of the research paper with captions, and also about the ways to write the research work. He told the faculty members that presently in India, there is not enough research work happening, whereas in other countries, especially in developed countries, a lot of research work is going on. We need to create such an environment here in our country and for that purpose we need to start from our own University. He shared his own experience of how, through education as a medium, he became successful. Dr. Lokender continued by briefing how profitable it will be not just for the university, but also to the faculty on a personal level. Dr. Ram Singh, speaker of the second session briefed how to publish research papers in referred journals. He shared details about various reputed publications such as SAGE, Indoscience, Scopus, ABDC, etc.