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Quick response prevents spread of forest fire

Dehradun, 5 May: With the onset of summer, it is also the season for forest fires. There was one such incident, today, which witnessed a speedy and effective response of the Fire and Forest Departments.
According to Thsespal Kundan of the Moravian Institute, a 2:37 p.m., two young women of Rajpur reported a fire in the northern corner of the Rajpur Reserve Forest, adjacent to Old Mussoorie Road. In spite of heavy traffic, Prabhakar Dabral, Sunil Rawat and Mahesh Semwal arrived within half an hour with a Fire Engine from Prince Chowk. The fire had become ten times its former size, but they fought it immediately and very effectively.
A little later, Razaak and his assistant from the Forest Station at Malsi (near the Zoo) also arrived with rakes, and helped to segregate dry leaves on the forest floor from the smouldering embers. Together they did a commendable job in putting out the fire, and preventing its spread afterwards. Dehradun needs more such dedicated officials and public servants, stated Kundan.