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Rahul Gandhi should first implement promises in Cong ruled states: Joshi



DEHRADUN, 5 Feb: Targeting the promises and claims made by Rahul Gandhi during the Uttarakhand era, BJP Spokesman Suresh Joshi questioned the claims made by Gandhi in his speeches today in Uttarakhand. Joshi asked if the tenure of Manmohan Singh’s government was a golden period, then why did the public throw him out of power, that too twice. On behalf of the party, state spokesperson Suresh Joshi advised Rahul Gandhi that he ought to first get the Congress manifesto implemented in the states ruled by the party before making such promises in respect of Uttarakhand.

Joshi described today’s visit of Rahul Gandhi as an exercise to mislead the people of Uttarakhand. He said that on the one hand, Rahul Gandhi kept on criticising the Hindus and the Hindutva and on the other hand, tried to project himself as a devout Hindu by taking a dip in the Ganga. However, the hidden agenda of his party was clearly to appease one particular community by making promises such as Muslim University and declaring holidays on Friday for Namaz. He said that though, Rahul Gandhi was no longer the Congress President but he continued to be de facto President of his party and its all powerful leader. Why could he not get the governments of the Congress ruled states to fulfil the promises made by his party in Uttarakhand like LPG cylinders for Rs 500 each, 5 lakh jobs and financial aid to the poor families, etc.
Responding to Rahul’s claim that PM Modi behaved like a king, he said that actual monarchy was witnessed during the UPA government when the then Prime Minister also used to stand in front of 10 Janpath, and the party presidents were chosen because of belonging to just one family.