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Rally held in Mussoorie against China on Tibetan National Uprising Day


By Sunil Sonkar

Mussoorie, 10 Mar: On the 65th Tibetan National Uprising Day, people of the Tibetan community took out a rally against China, here, today. The rally started from Happy Valley and vocalized the demand for Tibetan independence.

Participants said that the Tibetans living in Tibet are facing many kinds of tortures including the oppressive policies of China. Many Tibetans were killed by the Chinese army during the war of independence of their country. Today, the Tibetan community remembers those sacrifices and opposes China’s oppressive policies in Tibet. They also prayed for the long life of the Dalai Lama.

It was stated that, in Tibet, China wishes to destroy the art, culture and historical heritage of Tibet A dam is being constructed by China in Tibet, which the people of the Tibetan community are opposing. The people in Tibet are living in hell. Brave Tibetan men and women are making sacrifices for the freedom of Tibetans. They recalled that from the beginning of 1949, China had started occupying Tibet. As many as 155 patriotic brave men and women have sacrificed their precious lives since 2009 through self-immolation in protest against Tibetans’ loss of patience with the communist Chinese government’s long-term policy of violent repression on Tibet. Many Tibetans are still being killed under the Chinese government’s policy of violent repression.

They said that today is also their Martyrs’ Day. The bravery of the patriots is recalled on this day. On behalf of the Tibetan administration in exile, tribute was paid to the courage and actions of those patriotic heroes who sacrificed everything for the religious, political and ethnic identity of Tibet.

It was stated that the Tibetan Parliament in Exile is running a campaign to garner support from all MPs on different Tibet issues, and there are plans to run a large-scale campaign in the future.