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Ravi Narang: A Stalwart Educationist


By PS Kalra
Ravi Narang, the soft natured philanthropist devoted to the cause of educating and helping others – always kind, humble, generous, forgiving, an extremely pious man, left for his heavenly abode on 28 December, 2020, at his residence in Brightlands School, here.
He was a dear friend and a brother to me, from whom I could take advice on important school administrative matters. Extremely popular among all heads of schools, he had his feet firmly planted on the ground. The multitude of people who bade farewell to him stands testimony to the devotion, love, sincerity and commitment that he possessed for the cause of education, his love for friends, acquaintances and for all who came his way. Humility and straightforwardness were his prime virtues. His mere presence emitted warmth and positive vibrations, not only to those who spoke to him but also to all those who merely sat in his benevolent presence and warm company. Ravi’s firm handshake, his toned voice, his loving manner, the carefree laughter, his wit and humour will always live fresh in our hearts. For the hordes of tearful students who poured into the school to have a last glimpse of their dearest Ravi Sir – he was like the mighty oak tree under whose boughs they had all grown, been educated, and played as children. A legend has gone too soon – He touched the lives of thousands of children and inspired them truly as per the school’s motto, “Vidyaev Balam – Knowledge is strength”. His vision set new standards for the school and brought Brightlands School on to the fast lane of education, setting new academic records each year with innumerable toppers and all India rank holders to its credit. His students today stand on high pedestals and occupy important offices of dignity in the Defence Forces, Bureaucracy, Police, Legal, Business, Infotech and other fields all over the world. Ravi’s administrative capabilities were indeed par excellence. He was a gem of a friend who was always there for me, his innumberable trips to Vaishno Devi brought blessings for us, as he prayed for his friends and even called on the phone from Maa’s Darbar to send divine blessings. He shared the “holy prasad” with us on his return – his attachment to the house of God gave him a certain divinity and positivity that could only be felt and not expressed in words.
Ravi – I will miss you my dearest friend and brother – Living on your loving memories will be an uphill task for all your friends and well-wishers.

(PS Kalra is Principal, Guru Nanak Academy, Dehradun)