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Removal of encroachments on forest land top priority: Uniyal


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 30 Mar: Forest and Technical Education Minister Subodh Uniyal said, today, that bringing transparency, removal of encroachments on forest land and a balanced people-centric approach in forest policies would be his top priority.
Speaking to Garhwal Post, he claimed he would bring transparency in the functioning of the forest department. However, with summer approaching fast, control of forest fires would remain the first priority over the next few months. He said that DFOs would be made accountable for uncontrolled forest fires in their respective forest areas. He also said that with regard to technical education, he would prefer an end to the policy of ad-hocism and would ensure that fresh recruitment was ensured to various posts. He said that, to his knowledge, many polytechnic teachers and other staff were recruited on ad-hoc basis in engineering degree colleges. Such things would not be allowed to continue as his top priority would be to ensure quality technical education in the state.
Speaking to Garhwal Post, Tourism and PWD Minister Satpal Maharaj, asserted that he would carry on with the priorities that had been listed in his first term as tourism minister. Some of the plans could not be implemented fully due to Corona as tourism was the worst affected sectors. However, he would call a meeting soon and review what had been done and what needed to be done. Some new destinations had been developed in the past five years but they could not get due publicity and influx of tourists due to Corona. As PWD Minister, he would ensure rapid road construction and maintenance of roads and also ensure better road connectivity in the state. He said that as Panchayati Raj Minister, he would work hard to make panchayats self reliant and development oriented. He recalled the dreams of Panchayati Raj of Mahatma Gandhi and said that he would strive hard to fulfil his dreams in the state.
Prem Chand Aggarwal said he would work hard to overcome the difficulties and challenges before the government related to departments in his charge. Proper and fair work would be his priority. He said that as Finance Minister, the government would try to work out every possible way to raise revenue in spite of the fact that Uttarakhand was a small state with limited resources. He admitted that loan and interest payment on loans was a burden on the state but added that the government would try its best to reduce this burden by raising revenue of the state.
Speaking to Garhwal Post, young minister Saurabh Bahuguna admitted he was surprised somewhat at the departments given to him but added that he would be working hard to achieve high goals in the animal husbandry and fisheries and sugarcane industry. He reminded that, as Sitarganj MLA, he had convinced the government to restart the Sitarganj Sugar Mill and this was the only sugar mill that had been closed down by the government but had been restarted. He said that animal husbandry was one sector that could generate local level employment to a lot of youth in the hills and efforts would be made to achieve the true potential of the sector and also towards marketing of the animal husbandry products such as milk, cheese, goat cheese and goat meat and wool. Fisheries too had potential and that Himalyan trout was now selling at Rs 1800 per kg.
Speaking to Garhwal Post, Minister Chandan Ramdas said that he was aware of the problems in the department of social welfare and would ensure greater transparency and proper implementation of social welfare schemes.