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“Research very crucial for progress of country & state”


CM launches Gaurav Scheme of NSE under Higher Education Dept

By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 23 Feb: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurated the National Stock Exchange’s Gaurav Yojana and Chief Minister’s Higher Education Research Incentive Scheme & distribution of research grants for skill development of youth under the Higher Education Department at his official residence here today.

The Chief Minister said that these schemes will give a new direction to research in higher education. He claimed that there will be qualitative development of higher educational institutions and innovation will be promoted as a result of these schemes. It was stated at the meeting that a research grant amount of about Rs 3.66 crores has been approved for 44 research proposals selected out of 500 research proposals received under the Higher Education Research Incentive Scheme and distribution of research grants. As its first instalment, a grant amount of approximately Rs 1.83 crores has been transferred directly through DBT.

On this occasion, an MoU for Gaurav Yojana was also signed between the Higher Education Department and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) for skill enhancement and placement of the youth of the state pursuing higher education. While welcoming and congratulating everyone, Dhami said that, despite being a small state, Uttarakhand is setting new standards in various fields every day. He said that, in the last few years, innovative efforts have been made continuously by the government through many schemes for the qualitative development of higher education in the state. In a series of these efforts, the state’s ambitious scheme “Mukhyamantri Higher Education Research Promotion Scheme” has been started. Despite being a small state, Uttarakhand is the only one in the country that is providing this type of research grant to teachers and researchers. He said that high quality research not only establishes the identity of the concerned person and institution but also opens up new opportunities and options for humanity. He said that research is helpful for the entire world beyond the boundaries of any state or any country.

He added that the research and innovation of researchers will give a new vision to the state and society and will lead to qualitative development of the higher educational institutions. Many developmental works are being done under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

Dhami said that the state’s agreement with the National Stock Exchange during the Mumbai Road Show of the Global Investors Summit will prove to be a game changer.

With the aim of making this effort more strong and effective, an MoU was also signed today by the Higher Education Department with the National Stock Exchange, which will prove to be an important effort towards making proper use of the growing possibilities in the banking and financial sector.

The Chief Minister added that there is a possibility of five times expansion in this sector by 2025 and, with the help of NSE, one can convert the youth including students studying in higher education into suitable human resources. He observed that nowadays the desire to invest through stock market is increasing, but before investing in it, financial analysis and in-depth understanding is very important. In this context, the National Stock Exchange’s agreement with higher education can play an important role, through which, students will get the opportunity to acquire well-rounded financial knowledge, thereby understanding their investment decisions and making careful financial investments. This agreement will help in providing students with latest education material for study as well as prepare them as capable and aware investors.

While addressing the programme, Education Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat said that many innovative efforts are being made by Uttarakhand in the field of higher education, which are establishing the state as a model. Referring to NSE, he said that this is an important effort towards making proper use of the growing possibilities in the banking and financial sector. He said that with the cooperation of National Stock Exchange, one can convert the students studying in higher education and other youth into suitable human resources for this.

Secretary, Higher Education, Shailesh Bagauli, Managing Director and CEO, NSE, Ashish Chauhan, Member, SEBI, Kamlesh Chandra Varshney also addressed the programme and threw detailed light in this regard. On this occasion, Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi, Vice Chairman, Higher Education Committee, Dr Devendra Bhasin, Secretary R Meenakshi Sundaram, Executive Director, SEBI, GP Garg, Ashish Ahuja from NSE, SEBI, Sahil Malik, Sudipti Aggarwal, Amish Patel, Dr Vijay Mehta, Amrish Dutta, Dr Naveen Nautiyal, and Anshuman Purohit were also present.