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Robot test successful in Delhi AIIMS


Graphic era prepares equipments to fight Corona


DEHRADUN,17th April, 2020: The center at Graphic Era University is becoming a new address for preparing equipments for fighting the war of Corona. In this center, new discoveries are being made for keeping the doctors and police administration safe in the fight against Corona. Graphic Era students have successfully got their Robot tested in Delhi AIIMS.
Graphic Era’s Technology Business Incubator (TBI) has successfully designed robot and drone according to the needs of doctors and police in fight against Covid-19.After Completing B.Tech from Graphic Era University Manas Upadhyaya and Avinash Chandra Pal opened their company De-Town Robotics Private Limited in this center and have designed special robot for protecting doctors against the infection of Covid-19.Saurav Karir who has completed MCA from Graphic Era is also part of this project.
From a student of Graphic Era to a partner in this company, Manas Upadhyay has had a great stint. He said that this robot will protect the doctors in directly coming in contact of Covid-19 patients. From giving medicine to the patients to doing video conferencing with the patients everything can be managed by this robot. This robot can also remove garbage from rooms of quarantined patients. Under the supervision of Prof (Dr) A.Sharir of All India Medical Sciences (AIIMS) this robot was successfully tested, yesterday. Mentor of this company and faculty of Graphic Era, Gagan Bansal said that according to AIIMS experts this robot is exactly operative in the fight against Covid-19.
The same alumni company has prepared drones for police to monitor an area, track the movement of people, deliver essentials and make live or recorded announcements without going to the crowd. This special drone of Graphic Era’s TBI’s DeTown Company was demonstrated yesterday to the Director of Uttarakhand’s Information Technology Development Authority (ITDA) Amit Sinha.
Another company AVK Education Private Limited of the same TBI of Graphic Era has prepared a face shield to protect the doctors and police personnel involved in the war against Corona from infection. Today, CEO of TBI , Dr. Vishal J.C. along with startup partner Graphic Era Deemed University’s final year student of mechanical engineering, Madhur Saxena, demonstrated this face shield to the medical department and administration officials. This team, today, informed about the rescue from this shield to C.D.O. Nitika Khandelwal, Additional District Magistrate Veer Singh Buddhiyal and Deputy CMO. Dr. Kailash Gunjiyal. This team also handed over 40 face shields to the administration.
President of Graphic Era Educational Group, Prof. Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, said that the result of connecting education with new technologies, providing practical and expert services in state-of-the-art laboratories for free is that the students and alumni are exploring the needs of the country and society and are succeeding one after the other. In this way, students are becoming job givers, not just job seekers. In this hour of disaster, Graphic Era stands with the country in full capacity.