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Rotary Club holds talk on Positive Thinking



Dehradun, 2 Jan: Rotary Club Dehradun organised a talk on the topic “Positive thinking makes our life happy and healthy” at the Doon Club. AK Shah, ex-GM (HR), was the keynote speaker.
He was formally welcomed and introduced to the audience by Club President Anup Kaul.
Shah delivered a very exciting and inspiring talk full of illustrations based on his personal experience and knowledge. He was of opinion that it is one’s thinking that decides one’s actions to a great extent. Hence, one should always think positively and in the right direction. The mind of a child is like a blank slate and as he or she grows older, numerous situations are experienced. Some experiences are sweet and some are sour. It is also the upbringing of a child that plays a prominent role in the formative years and shapes thinking skills. But, after a certain age, every child is matured enough to decide what is right and what is wrong. At this stage, introspection and self-analysis are necessary to stay on the right track. When thinking about oneself objectively, one realises that certain qualities like tolerance, forgiveness, large heartedness, lessening of ego and vengefulness, etc., improve the thinking process and make one happy, healthy and successful.
There could be several reasons for developing negativity in life like injustice, insult, discrimination, rivalry, professional failure, etc., but if these are allowed to dominate and spoil the thinking process, it worsens the situation at home and the work place. One should constantly and consciously keep oneself away from such negative thoughts. Positive thinking proves to be instrumental in improving the scenario at the work place, society and home. It also has magnificent effects on the health.
After the talk, AK Shah answered some questions from the audience. Veena Kalia and Sunil Pandhi presented him a certificate of appreciation and a memento. Past President Tarun Agarwal proposed the vote of thanks. Dr Arun Kumar, RK Bakshi, Pawan Agarwal, Joginder Singh, Dr AK Srivastava, Asha Srivastava, etc., were present at the meeting.