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Rs 3.27 crore given as immediate relief to 218 families in Joshimath: Sinha



Dehradun, 20 Jan: Secretary, Disaster Management, Dr Ranjit Kumar Sinha on Friday briefed the media on the rehabilitation and relief work being done in Joshimath.

He stated that an amount of more than Rs 3.27 crores has already been distributed among 218 affected families of Joshimath as advance relief. Apart from this, an amount of Rs 4 lakh also has been allotted as immediate assistance to 8 affected tenants at the rate of Rs 50,000 per family. There are 18 pregnant women in the municipal area of Joshimath, who are not currently in relief camps. These women are living in their own homes. Health tests of these women are being done continuously.

He further revealed that there are 81 children below the age of 10 years in the relief camps, who are being medically examined. Central and state government technical institutes are engaged in conducting survey and study work on regular basis in Joshimath.

He added that Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami took a meeting again, today, regarding disaster management operations in Joshimath.

Sinha informed media that the discharge of water in Joshimath is currently 250 LPM. In the temporarily established relief camps, Joshimath has a total of 650 rooms with capacity for 2919 people and Pipalkoti has 491 rooms with a capacity for 2205 people. The number of rooms in the relief camps in Joshimath has been increased from 615 to 650. Till now, cracks have been noticed in 863 buildings. Survey work is in progress.

He stated that 1 area/ward has been declared unsafe in Gandhinagar, 2 in Singhdhar, 5 in Manoharbagh, and 7 in Sunil. As many as 181 building are located in unsafe areas. Also, 269 families have been temporarily displaced in view of their security. The number of displaced family members is 900.

Additional Secretary, Disaster Management, Director, Uttarakhand Landslide Management and Mitigation Institute, Director, Wadia Institute, Director, IIRS Dehradun, Director, NIH, and Director IITR were also present at the press conference.