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Ruatra-Dharma (The Duties towards the Nation)


By acharya balkrishna

There is no religion greater than the duty towards one’s nation. To discharge one’s duties and take responsibilities towards the nation is the greatest religion. Patriotism is the supreme degree of love for nation. The welfare of the nation is always the supreme; My nation is my everything. “Idam rtrya idanna mama” I can never betray my nation to seek personal, political, financial or family welfare. My body, mind and wealth are totally dedicated to the development and prosperity of my nation.
There should be gratitude, devotion and pride in every human being towards his nation.
Yoga is the supreme way to serve the nation and its people.
Ratra-Deva (The Nation in the form of God)
Mt bhumih putroaham prthivyh.
Meaning: The earth is my mother and I am her child. The divine nation is the greatest deity. To endure tyranny is as big a sin as doing injustice or being immoral. Every citizen must have respect, sense of gratitude and self-respect for the nation.
Those who have no respect and reverence towards the soil, culture and civilization and the love for the people nor any pride for their nation, have absolutely no right to live in it anymore.
Ratra-Gaurava (National Pride)
I am not just the body, but am the universe. I am the very prototype of God Himself. I represent of truth, non-violence and righteousness. My nation dwells in my body. I am the prototype, and destiny of my nation. I, myself, am the creator of my nation’s fortune.
I am neither fatalistic nor materialistic or a terrorist. I am hard-worker, nationalist, humanitarian and spiritualist. I am free from the regionalism, langualism, communalism and the disputes of different doctrines. I blow the conch of nationalism and humanism.
Thoughts pack infinite capacity and energy in them. When thoughts are infused with an ascendant spirit, then the nation definitely achieves greatness and leads the world.
Poverty of thoughts is the cause of afflictions, insufficiency, pain and under-development of the nation. Strong and positive thoughts is the magic for prosperity, happiness and the development of a country.
I am not just an individual, but the cultural and civilizational expression of the whole nation. The whole country gets affected by my good and bad actions. Till blood flows in my veins and my body continues to breath, I shall never betray my nation, this is my tremendous pledge.
Where I and mine get connected, there feelings of love, sympathy, compassion and devotion are born. Service and goodwill start growing automatically. When feelings of I and mine get connected with the relatives, then we are always ready to sacrifice everything for them. When the feelings of I and mine get connected with the nation, then I realise that whatever I am today is due to my country only and then the spirit to sacrifice everything for the nation emerges in every citizen.
My breath is the result of the trees which are growing in the soil of this nation. This nation gave birth to me and I am surviving because of the water and food items of this country. We acquired wealth, status and honour from this country. The tears of all the mothers, daughters, sisters, daughters-in-law, children and men are my plight. The prosperity of my country is my joy. If some person of this country is helpless, vulnerable, poor, hungry, ill and sad, then this plight of the nation is my pain. It is my responsibility to ensure that no citizen of my country ever dies because of deadly diseases, sorrows, poverty or hunger and it is my duty to work whole-heartedly to fulfill this promise. This indeed, is my service to the nation and verily the true religion of mine.
If my powerful words fail to change the corrupt mentality, corrupt governance and corrupt systems, then I shall be compelled to organise a vast revolution to protect the motherland from injustice, crime, suppression, poverty, hunger, social inequality, violence, misconduct and immoral behaviour.
If a few corrupt, dishonest, criminal, irresponsible, anti-national and traitorous persons can come together and plunder and devastate the country, then a team of honest, noble, responsible, awakened, dedicated and loyal people can save the nation as well.
The more developed an individual, society and a nation become, many a times the same individual, society and the nation start becoming lethargic and inactive. A few individuals become dull, lethargic and lazy. This proves to be the chief cause for their downfall. Therefore, we should not lessen the element of struggle while pursuing the path of growth.
If there is no transparancy, courage and foresight in leadership of a country, then such a nation can never become safe and wealthy by any means. Today, unfortunately cowardice and helplessness instead of courage and bravery, dual character instead of transparency, and momentary instant gratification of self-interest instead of far sightedness have taken center stage. We have to transform this state of misery and misfortune into luck and prosperity.
The leadership of a country lies in the hands of about 1% of people, which is very less. About 9% people are the main power/ strength of these 1% leaders. 80% people generally follow the above 10% people. The remaining 10% people oppose the genuine, noble and pure men due to their ignorance, perversity, selfishness, ego and pride.
My friends, we have unlimited power, energy, ability and strength within us to turn the impossible into the possible. We have to rewrite the history through these elements of power, strength and energy.
Freedom sought sympathy, mercy and self-sacrifice.

(Extracted from the book: “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”. Author: Acharya Balkrishna).