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Rupesh Tillu’s ‘Shakuntalam’ staged at Welham Boys’ School



Dehradun, 30 Jan: The students of grades IX and XI, Welham Boys’ School, were regaled by an innovative and entertaining presentation of Kalidasa’s ‘Abhijnana Shakuntalam’ by Red Nose Entertainment, a group headed by the extremely talented Rupesh Tillu and brought to the school by the renowned Alok Ulfat.
The adapted and customised tale was enacted by three extremely talented actors who delivered the play in modified Sanskrit which the students were able to understand.
The boys had a whale of a time watching this interactive play and participating in it as an audience. To quote a few students – “This one show has left me wanting more and more and more,” said Prakhar Dixit. “Art, culture and theatre must be respected; the idea of togetherness must be spread through love, harmony and laughter,” added Sanyam Khasa. “A true comedy and an ROFL experience…,” declared Fateh Kairon.
The Principal, Dr Gunmeet Bindra, said, “Huge lessons are imparted best when coupled with a touch of humour, because laughing while learning makes one’s learning permanent – more so in today’s times. A refined and appropriate sense of humour has always been a saviour even in the most difficult situations.”
She wished the group all the best in future endeavours.
The team members included actors Ram Choudhury, Sagar Bhoir & Ankita, Director Rupesh Tillu, Presenter Alok Ulfat and Technician Prabhod Kamble.