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‘Rùqīn’, the Chinese ‘Intrusion’



We, in our egoistic stupor, cannot deny the fact that the ‘opium eater’ has now got the whole world addicted to living in a China-centric society. The sleeping dragon has been coaxed by the greedy world into arousal. Now, it got so much enthused with the fire of power and influence that it has become a hegemonic giant causing more destruction than a great war, through its engineered pandemic and consequent economic meltdown. Now reeling from the deep wound that it has given us, we seek ‘revenge’. Giving it a lesson, which would teach China and any other race or nation like it, not to try and rule the world by subterfuge.

We, in our Bharat, are doubly concerned, as China is not only at its most dangerous posturing to the world but is breathing fire at our borders, too. Should we now confront this bloated egoistic dragon with a ‘bullet for bullet’, causing much more loss of our young lives and more economic ruin to us? Or should we use ‘Chanakya Niti’ to vanquish the dragon?

A well recognised treatise, ‘The Art of War’ by a Chinese General Sun Tzu, itself, and our own Kautilya Shastra profess that military action should be the very last resort. According to Sun Tzu, ‘The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting’. That is what China is doing to us. Our own Chanakya’s view is that ‘an arrow shot by an archer may or may not kill a single person; but skillful intrigue, devised by a wise man, may kill even those who are in the womb. Therefore, if the end could be achieved by non-military methods, even by methods of intrigue, duplicity and fraud, then an armed conflict should be avoided. He believed that the ‘welfare of a state depends on an active foreign policy. Peace is to be preferred to war but peace can be made with the enemy purely as a temporary measure, designed to give the conqueror time to build up strength before conquering the enemy. He has also suggested that ‘Any activity which harms the progress of the enemy engaged in similar undertakings is also progress’. Our thinkers and planners right from 1947 have failed to do this.

China has been strategically planning and executing such a policy for the last about 60-70 years. The result is for the entire world to see and feel. The world and we too should have learnt not to trust China after their incursion into Tibet and 1962 invasion of Bharat. All of us got trapped in the temptation of ‘prospecting for gold in Chinese wilderness’. All struck gold but it was cleverly laced with the ‘made in China’ slow poison. That was the Sun Tzu style ‘silent war’ diligently pursued by this war mongering nation. Then it used the ‘concealed war’ in the form of Covid 19 to devastate the strongest of nations and now, we in Bharat are facing the threat of ‘open war’. China’s aim is clear, that they would keep us involved with our smaller weaker neighbours, sabotage our effort to boost our economy even by making the other investors wary of our uncertainties and making us feel so impotent that even our small weak neighbours are cocking a snook at us. It is time that we subject ourselves to ways that get rid of this poison and use our own ingenuity to extricate ourselves from the clutches of this monster of the North. Let us strike at the roots which made it feel stable and strong, that being its ECONOMY. World is planning to do it why not us?

Consider the data: Exports to China from India averaged Rs 32.17 Billion from 1991 until 2020 and Imports from China averaged Rs 127.03 Billion from 1991 until 2020. China is four times more dominant. Add to this about Rs 10 Billion worth of smuggled goods from China. No wonder that we now feel drowned in all things Chinese. We have to get ourselves free of this kind of slavery now. All of us, the business community and Bhartiye consumer are responsible for this self strangulation. Let us both resolve and make immediate changes in our dependence on things Chinese. To start and also to encourage ‘Swadeshi’ let us give up use of Chinese manufactured goods. Some of us do not even know the involvement of Chinese influence in our own indigenous innovations. I am briefly listing categories of some Dragon products. The names may be found out from a lot of information available on the net.

1. Enterprises with major Chinese Share.
2. Chinese Mobile phones.
3. Chinese Software.
4. Other Chinese household goods – AC, Refrigerators, kitchen gadgets, Lamps, TV, etc.
5. China’s incursion into our daily life- watches , toys, cameras, shoes, clothing, textile, stationery, furniture, sports goods, bicycles, fruits and imitation grains and parts of many an item of daily use being manufactured in Bharat.

Our ‘boycotting’ and ‘shunning’ Chinese financial participation has to start now. Let us resolve to pay China in the same coin INR or Dollars or Chinese Yuan. As I write this, China has already built up its military bordering Ladakh and has killed twenty soldiers of our army, including a colonel. No one would come to help us now as all are busy licking their own wounds. We must prepare to confront an enemy within and outside all by ourselves.