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Ruskin Bond, Imtiaz Ali spoke about the art of storytelling


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 3 Apr: In an online session at the Dehradun Literature Festival here, today, famous author Ruskin Bond conversed with the much celebrated film director, Imtiaz Ali, on the art of storytelling.
“The art of storytelling requires the ability to visualise,” said Ruskin Bond. Bond has a vast literary career of 70 years. He first started writing for his book at the age of 17 years.
Ruskin shared an incident when, in London, he met two girls who could read one’s fortune using tea leaves. The girls predicted that Ruskin would become a big and celebrated writer. Everyone in India is a Ruskin Bond fan and this is a fact, claimed Imtiaz Ali.
When talking about the process of film making, Imtiaz said that great films are based on strong storylines. It is the the storyline that remains the king ultimately, he affirmed.
“As a film maker, till date, I get excited by everything I used to during my childhood,” added Imtiaz.
Both of them agreed that it is travel that provides the scope to be able to tell stories. While traveling by trains, seated by the window, one gets a chance to interact with many strangers. “They give a chance to enter their lives during the journey,” added Imtiaz Ali.
Ruskin agreed, saying further, “It is because of the fact that we are in India, we have an immense number of stories to tell. That is the reason my stories are still relevant.”
Lastly, Imtiaz Ali thanked Ruskin Bond for writing such beautiful stories that inspired him to create movies.